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When can I start?

Programme commences on 1 April 2021

How long will I study for?

This programme is delivered part-time and will take two years to complete.

About the programme

This is a practical programme focusing on the core principles and entry-level skills needed to succeed in the world of business, non-profit organisations, or government departments and agencies.

This programme is aimed at any person who is currently working in business or in the non-profit sector who wishes to advance in their current role or who aspires to take on a managerial role. It will also suit anyone who

wishes to start their own business, renew an existing business, or who feel the need to gain additional skills to enter the world of small and medium-sized businesses.

What you will learn

Within this carefully designed curriculum, you will obtain a proper understanding of the environment within which businesses operate, and you will learn the essentials of starting your own business, including how to manage a small business.

A particular strength of the programme is that you will learn practical skills such as Digital Marketing or working with Excel which are in high demand in your own or any other business.

The modules that make up the programme are the same ones offered to students all over the world.

Admission requirements

• National Senior Certificate (NSC)

To enrol in this programme you must have a matric at a certificate level, or an equivalent foreign secondary qualification on an NSC level confirmed by SAQA.


The contents of the Programme in Applied Business Studies are being reviewed. Information about each of the modules will be provided soon. The modules listed below should serve as a guideline only as these are subject to change:


Modules first year


Modules second year

Economic Principles for Small Business Basic Financial Mathematics
Starting an Own Business Entrepreneurship
Principles of Marketing Digital Marketing
Accounting Principles Taxation and Law for Small Business
Applied Functions of Management Applied Financial Management
Communication for Beginners Business Communication
Applied Peoples’ skills Applied Excel

Payment structure

Students and their sponsors (including parents or guardians) are responsible for the full programme fee. The fee for 2021 for the whole programme is R30 550. A R3550 registration fee is payable on enrolment. Students must pay their registration fees in order to be admitted to the programme.

The following options are available for the payment of programme fees:

• Monthly instalments are R3 375 per month April – November 2021

• Once off payment at registration and receive a 5% discount

About Financial Aid

A limited amount of Financial Assistance is available, based on predetermined criteria and is therefore not guaranteed. You can apply for Financial Assistance when you enrol in the programme. If you are awarded Financial Assistance, it will cover only a portion of the programme fee. There is a probationary period of three months, during which your progress and participation in the programme will be monitored. If you receive financial aid, this will only be credited against your student account after the probationary period, provided your progress is assessed as satisfactory. You and your sponsors will therefore remain responsible for the total programme fee for the first three months, and provided the HVT is satisfied with your progress.

What you will need

To complete the programme, it is recommended that you have access to the following items:

• Laptop/PC

• Stable Internet connection

• Time: ± 15-20hrs per week: this includes online study time, attendance at the HVT Hub for tutorials and lectures, additional time you may spend with your tutors, and the time that you need to complete quizzes and other assignments.

Please note that if you do not have access to a computer or internet, you can use these at the HVT Hub.

Qualification accreditation

This academic programme is not accredited. However, you will receive a certificate for each module you complete successfully. The module certificates are issued by the universities that offer the modules. Typically, these are overseas universities and are known internationally. You will also receive a Certificate in Applied Business Studies from Hermanus Varsity Trust on successful completion of the all the courses in the programme.

Career Path

The Programme in Applied Business Studies is the equivalent of a one-year certificate programme offered at South African universities. It is offered part-time to challenge you to integrate the skills you obtain in your current job, but it also puts you on a firm pathway to grow into a management position or to start your own business. The principles learned and skills obtained are just as relevant and valuable in non-profit organisations and government agencies.

An important part of success in business at all levels are the ‘soft skills’ such as communication skills, and the ability to work effectively with other people. This programme will help you improve your existing soft skills to enhance your productivity in the workplace.

Study part-time & experience our blended learning environment

This programme is presented partially online through the Hermanus Varsity platform on Coursera.

However, we believe that face to face interaction is important. So, in addition to engaging with the online content, you will be required to attend tutorials every week, for the duration of the programme, at times that suit a working person. The Hermanus Varsity Trust offers this ongoing support and motivation to help you meet your learning goals.

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