About the course

Do you have a love for land and the caring of plants and animals? Do you recognize how vital farming is to all of our wellbeing? Would you like to learn the skills you need to be a successful farmer? Have you observed that the intensive ways of farming don’t work that well anymore? Would you choose to keep your land and soil naturally healthy by avoiding environmentally damaging and expensive chemicals and fertilizers? 

Ecology is the relationship between different organisms and their environment. An organism is a living thing, and it is from the word “organism” that “organic” farming comes. Agro-ecology is the “ecology of the food system”: a farming approach that is inspired by natural ecosystems. It combines local and scientific knowledge and applies ecological and social approaches to agricultural systems, focusing on the interactions between plants, animals, humans, and the environment. Farms are regarded as living organisms, and each farm requires a balance of animals, perennial plants, annual plants, soil and water management systems, if it is to be ecologically balanced, stable and fertile. 

This course is for those already employed in agriculture and wishing to learn about organic farming practices, and for those that are passionate to learn and teach others to begin a career in agro-ecology. 

When can I start?

Commences in Feb 2021 

How long will I study for?

Important! Please note that there are 2 options: 

1. 1. NQF level 2 ‘farmer training’ in agro-ecology, app. 8 months; a quarter of which is theory 

2. 2. NQF level 5 training of agro-ecology facilitators, app. 6 months 

What you will learn

Amongst other aspects, you will learn about: 

- Soil management and farm planning 

- Project planning, conservation and communities 

- Quality management and organic certification 

- Financial management 

- Permaculture design, projects and communities 

- Environmental ethics 

* Farms aligned to the programme will serve as Agro-ecology Centers of Excellence where students enrolled in the course will be able to be practically involved in ecological agriculture and land management. 


In addition to the above knowledge, the HVT offers skills development in business management, emotional intelligence, communication, leadership and working in a team. These skills are considered essential to getting ahead in your position of employment.

Admission requirements

• NQF2: No matriculation required, preferably some farming experience 

• NQF5: National Senior Certificate (NSC), preferably with Biology/Life Sciences and ideally with some farming experience. 

Admission Process

On submission of your application through our online system, you will receive an email from HVT to invite you to participate in our admissions process.  The process will consist of an interview, academic literacy assessment.

NB. Your confirmation letter of acceptance is subject to:

  • Final matriculation results as per criteria.
  • Payment of registration fee and first fee instalment.

Application for financial assistance is a separate process. Please contact us in this regard.

Payment structure 

The course registration fee is R550 and the course fee is R30 000 in 2021. 

On acceptance, you will be required to pay your registration fee and the first instalment of your course fee, thus R 3 550 to secure your placement. This amount is due within 30 days of invoice. 

The remaining R27 000 is payable over 9 months at R3 000 per month. 

What you will need 

To complete the programme, it is recommended that you have access to the following items: 

  • Laptop/PC 
  • Stable Internet connection 
  • Access to a public library 
  • Time: ± 30hrs per week 
  • Please note should you not have access to a computer or internet,you can access the  resources at the HVT Hub

Qualification accreditation 

You will receive certification by HVT and its agro-ecological partner organisations.

Career Path 

The quality of our food, the quality of our environment, the very quality of life itself depends upon our relationship to our environment. Agroecological/organic farmers are the future. We need professionally skilled people who can understand the practice and offer leadership for the future. The knowledge and skills you gain from this course will support you in getting ahead in your career.

Experience our learning environment 

This diverse learning programme is presented by qualified facilitators. The theory component is brought into practice with the partnering farms. 

Your future starts here 

HVT brings academic excellence to the Overstrand region, through carefully crafted curricula that aim to equip students with 21st century workplace skills and qualifications. 

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Enrolments close 30 November 2020 



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