We are grateful to our donors for their generous contributions and continuous support. We are looking forward to continue this journey with you. We trust that new partners will join us to meet the challenges of bringing higher education to the Overstrand. Together we can make it happen!




  A de Gruchy Abagold Trust Business Chamber
  Alan Maker Ajimba African Safari's & Labdoo Desmond and Leah Tutu Foundation
  Alan Powell Arabella The Nussbaum Foundation
  A M Eustace Bouchard Finlayson Solon Foundation
  Anon Burgundy Restaurant
  Blythe & Greta Train Creation
  Bury Family Forest Adventures
  Clyde Fynbos Gardens
  D&H Befordstrohm HennCorp Construction
  Donation Mojo Rizin
  For JdG Oasis
  Gerry Leumann Offfice National
  Janelle de Gruchy Riverside Consulting
  Johan Visser Westin Hotels
  Jean Campbell Whale Printing
  Jim Wesley via JDG Whiteshark Projects
  Julia Train
  Lize Hoogenbosem
  Michele Riley
  Mr & Mrs Longridge
  Philip Gibson
  Valerie Hackel
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