Have you always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument?  If you thought that this is an impossible dream, think again!

Through a collaboration between the University of Stellenbosch and HVT, you will now be able to study music in Hermanus.

The programmes will be coordinated and taught under the leadership of Stefné van Dyk.  She originally presented them at the Konservatorium in Stellenbosch, before teaching the same programmes in Caledon, still under the auspices of the University of Stellenbosch. Stefné has been involved with curriculum development and piloting distance learning programmes in music since 1999. Together with Axolile Hoza, one of her former star students, she will now once again introduce students in the Overstrand to the joy of making music.

These music bridging courses include an introductory Music Certificate which is specifically aimed at adults and young people who have not previously been able to take music lessons, and so have no formal music background.  An initial certificate can be followed by intermediate and advanced certificates in Music Literacy. Then there are diploma courses – after which even B.Mus studies (and further) can follow! Additional purposes of the development programmes are also to reach out and to plough back expertise in communities, to promote cultural activities, and to make the music courses accessible at affordable prices (with Zoom help as an option at present).



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