HVT  exists to provide higher education that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. We believe we can empower communities to engage in economic development that is sustainable whilst simultaneously valuing and protecting the environment, its biodiversity and natural resources.

Economy is consistently placed first, yet without the environment humans cannot exist. At its core, HVT’s strategy and programmes facilitate environmental awareness through every course and extra-curricular activity, inspiring caring and responsible students and citizens of our town and region, towards far reaching impact on the leaders of tomorrow and future generations.

In 2021 HVT’s School of Environment will offer the following courses:

  • Agro-Ecology, a certificate course in organic agriculture.
  • Aquaculture, a certificate course in partnership with Stellenbosch University.
  • Criminal Law Enforcement and the Marine Environment, a certificate course in partnership with Nelson Mandela University.
  • Eco-guide training for sustainable coastal and fynbos tourism.

These courses fit within HVT’s Blue-Green Programme, encompassing the gradient from blue ocean through to green fynbos, which seeks to promote economic growth, social inclusion and preservation or improvement of livelihoods, while at the same time ensuring environmental sustainability. The development of this environmental economy requires an appropriately skilled workforce. It is clear that the region and country largely lacks the human technical capacity and skills to better develop its environmental economy in a sustainable way. HVT is ideally located to fill this gap.

HVT’s Centre of Environmental Excellence

HVT aspires to, in 2021, build a Centre of Environmental Excellence. This interactive building will be unique in its makeup, purpose and operation, with food growing walls and courtyards, solar and wind powered energy sources, a water storage system, and sustainable heating and cooling.








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