• We partner with leading academic institutions and offer a holistic, customised student experience. HVT goes beyond conventional distance education by combining blended learning with face to face teaching and support to ensure our students receive the best of both worlds.
  • Your growth starts the minute you become an HVT student:

We encourage growth through not only focusing on academics but social impact, equipping and empowering students to combat current on the ground problems by unlocking and activating their potential through collective solution driven thinking and problem solving.



Hermanus Varsity’s motto is education through transformation. Our mission is to see lives changed, empowered, and transformed through quality, social and economically relevant education. Our core goal is to live and learn locally, through tailored cutting-edge skills and courses aimed at equipping students for the job market. Our aim is to develop engaged, responsible and independent thinkers who will impact and create a sustainable future for the Overstrand region and beyond.

HVT is committed to breaking down education barriers through inclusivity, diversity and unlocking the academic power, potential and capacity of all students.


HVT students are well rounded, social change-makers and future leaders. We encourage and grow engaged citizens who take every opportunity and turn it into something great, not only for themselves but for future generations.

  • Tailored academic evaluation and support throughout the academic life of students: At HVT we know each students journey to academic learning is different and therefore ensure that we address and bridge the barriers that would otherwise hinder a student’s academic achievement, through evaluation and developing a learning journey suited to the specific student’s needs. A customised learning journey from start to finish, ensures a fluid engaged learning experience from course registration to presentation.
  • With dedicated support staff and mentors, students gain access to industry expert mentors who facilitate weekly small group tutorials and one on one mentoring sessions. Mentors work closely with students to ensure they keep up to date and fully engaged in their course work.
  • At HVT we believe learning sometimes happens best through active participation: academic support therefore not only comes from staff but a community of learners, all students are encouraged and equipped to actively engage and influence the academic and social growth of fellow learners. Resulting in meaningful experiences of accountability, support giving and self-disciplined independent thinking.
  • Our students engage with personal growth experts throughout their learning journey who consult and advise on career guidance, Development of entrepreneurial skills, time, and financial management, writing and study skills, health, and nutritional care as well as psychological support.
  • We encourage an environment of open learning and upskilling and aim to provide the necessary resources to boost our students into the working world.
  • Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning journey and can monitor their academic growth and progress through our online student portal.

We foster a sense of community within HVT through relationship building, support, community engagement and extra-curricular activities:

Relationship building

  • The long-term goal for student life at HVT is a student led hub, this is a constantly evolving vision and dedicated to seeing our students impacting and taking ownership of their current environment and opportunities. These activities are uniquely selected to aid in equipping you with invaluable work readiness skills and leadership in the working world.

Through mentoring and guidance from HVT staff, students are placed in various internship roles or participation opportunities in and around the hub, playing an integral role in the life and running of the heartbeat of HVT.


These include:

  • Student mentors
  • Student run facilities such as website and media management, office management, public relations, computer labs etc.
  • Participating in open days
  • Events coordination


  • A dedicated student services team tasked at catering to the holistic development of HVT students. These services include:
  • Psychological support through counselling, coaching and social services
  • Student wellbeing
  • Study skills development and management
  • Financial planning
  • Life coaching


Social Responsibility

  • Sustainable development goals (SDG) – student social responsibility is developed around the united nations adopted 2030, 17 goals for sustainable development and is a compulsory requirement for all students. This aims for all students to use their skills through community engagement and other social engagement efforts to drive social and economic change for a sustainable future.



Extra-curricular activities play an integral role in community building and the development of a well-rounded balanced student. Active participation in sport, cultural and social groups are encouraged and fully supported. Extra-curricular activities are formed, led, and run by the students with the guidance and help of HVT staff. We encourage students to gather, and combine interests to create social groups, initiatives, and sports.

Some initiatives, groups and activities that students have expressed involvement are:

  • Debates and facilitated dialogues
  • Dance groups
  • Sporting teams
  • Book clubs
  • Choir, music, and drama club
  • Film club
  • Cultural clubs
  • Food club

Added benefits

  • We have partnered with several establishments in the Hermanus area to offer exclusive student discounts to HVT students with valid student cards.
  • Wi-Fi Access: The hub is Wi-Fi enabled with free Wi-Fi for all students.
  • Students are supported with the necessary technology, study and group work facilities to ensure equal learning opportunities and growth.
  • Students benefit from course specific work-based learning opportunities in and around the Overstrand.
  • Alumni support and networking:
  • At HVT we believe in building a network of influencers and change makers. As an alumnus of HVT you become a lifelong ambassador and HVT family member. Our Alumni are regularly invited to be guest speakers, and benefit from a number of perks such as job placement assistance and online groups to build and maintain lifelong relationships.
  • Our Alumni newsletter – providing beneficial work readiness tips and opportunities.
  • Participation in our student mentorship program, helps shape the minds of future and current HVT students.
  • Our alumni’s benefit from further learning inductions; helping those students who would like to study further with application submission and facilitation and assistance of finding funding.



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