Who are we?

The  Hermanus Varsity Trust is a unique venture, the first of its kind (as far as we know) with the principal object of  supporting  the education of students through the provision of  student support, which includes tutoring, personal & professional development  and partial funding  in the form of scholarships or bursaries to qualifying students enrolled in approved programmes with accredited academic institutions.

Many matriculants from the Overstrand region cannot access traditional education at public universities.  Distance learning on the other hand is not a viable option for most students due to the lack of access to a conducive home environment and stable internet. This coupled with the dire financial situation of many, meant that something had to be done to support our youth to access a better future in the region where they live.

The Hermanus Varsity Trust  was registered in 2018 under the leadership of Prof John De Gruchy.  The HVT immediately began to develop strategies  to support students both financially and as an enabler of each student’s success.

The Hub was created through the support of donations:   a safe place with reliable fast internet, where  students can engage with academic  content and collaborate with other  students.  A group of volunteers offered to assist students with their studies in small group settings, facilitating debate and engagement with their course material.  It has created a sense of belonging…..

The need for additional support services to students was identified and added to  our student support offering:

  • Career guidance and counselling by a qualified phycologist.
  • Personal & Professional development coaching to ensure students will be work ready on completion of their studies.

We are proud of what we have achieved in the short time since our inception to support students on their education journey.  Students that graduate  successfully, in the  shortest possible time from their respective academic institutions and contribute to local economic development of the Overstrand through employment or entrepreneurial ventures means that we have achieved what we’ve set out to do.

HVT is a registered NPO(223-634) and PBO(930067141).  The Founding member, Prof John De Gruchy is the Chair of the Board of Trustees.  Operations are managed by the CEO, Delana Finlayson and the Executive Committee.










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