Our Vision

The HVT was established and exists to provide higher education that makes a difference in people's lives. In collaboration with universities and other educational partners and a team of dedicated local tutors, the aim is to empower and transform the diverse communities of the Overstrand.

By improving students' lives with opportunities for employment and contributing to a healthier local economy, the HVT aims to promote social stability in the region.

Our Values


HVT is a bold, unique initiative to bring higher education to an underserved coastal region in South Africa known as the Overstrand in the Western Cape. Each year many individuals here qualify for access to some form of post-high school education whether this be a diploma, a higher certificate or a degree course. Most, however, cannot afford higher education, the cost of which involves travelling outside of the region, finding accommodation, and covering living expenses. HVT was established in 2018 to address this situation.

To enable students to 'live and learn locally', HVT establishes contracts with South African universities to offer selected accredited programmes and courses to help graduates find employment in the Overstrand. HVT goes beyond conventional distance education. What makes us unique is our tutorial system. Tutors are drawn from professionals who work or retire here, attracted to the region's natural beauty, the mountains and the sea. Most of our tutors work in a voluntary capacity.

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